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Barbie Edwards’ therapy harps are musical instruments that will bring music into your home, caregiving facility, church, or hospice environment. As Christina Tourin, renowned music therapist, says “Harp playing relaxes, energizes, soothes, and heals the youngest of children and oldest of adults”. The International Harp Therapy Program talks about the ability of the harp to decrease stress, increase short-term memory and focus, improve social skills, and augment self-esteem. Using our angel therapy harps, you can often do these things even more powerfully because you put the therapy lap harp directly on the body or very near it rather than hearing the big harps played from a distance. You can experience this yourself by playing our therapy harp as it sits on your lap. You feel it resonating throughout your whole body balancing your organs, glands, and nervous system not to mention increasing your brain function and mood. It is all so Easy! The proof is in the pudding! I can not say these are the best therapy harps for sale in terms of your needs, you will have to judge that for yourself.

I can say I believe Barbie Edwards Angel Therapy harps are the easiest to play. And I truly believe you will experience the Presence of the Angels as you play these healing harps and experience their help as you work on others. Andrella is the Angel of the therapy harps and Archangel Michael has given us the Celestial Tuning.

You can experience the value of a sound therapy session without you knowing how to read music or learning how to play songs. Simply strum the harp and reap the healing benefits while at the same time having fun and relaxing. You can’t hit a bad note the learning curve is so much shorter… It’s so relaxing stress disappears quickly. As soon as put the harp on your body or another’s and strum, you and they are experiencing music therapy and its wonderful benefits.

Watch and listen to Barbie Edwards play the beautiful harp on the video and see what you feel! If you have ever wanted to play music or be a harpist, here is your chance! These instruments are great for your own relaxation and stress reduction or you can share them in many healing settings. Barbie Edwards has worked with people all over the country and found these angelic-therapy harps have a universal appeal.

They may not be an Irish harp or a Celtic harp but the tunings will remind you of Irish and Celtic songs! Most Heavenly! You can also play for weddings or for your meditation group. Give us a call and we will show you how. The tuning package which is sold separately includes a 2-hour DVD that shows you how to play and tune. You can also do skype sessions for further lessons or training if you like.

If you lay the Barbie Edwards therapy harp on a certain area of the body where you have pain. Many healers have reported that the pain quickly diminishes. They are a favorite of massage therapists and Healers. These beautiful angelic lap therapy harps create bridges of sound that calm, soothe, and focus the mind. They help the two sides of the brain start to work together and come into whole brain consciousness.

As a result, Angelic therapy harps are great for meditation, relaxation, developing intuition, relieving depression, ADD-ADHD, stroke victims, hospice, healers and shifting the atmosphere in any environment including hospitals and assisted-living home. Many healers and individuals alike find they are the perfect thing for relieving their own stress at the end of the day as well as that of their clients and families. A Barbie Edwards Therapy harp is an easy tool to carry and play anywhere. They weigh only 9 lbs. You may find yourself sharing your harp with those who need its tender care the most even if you had not intended to. They bring so much Joy!

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Watch the video below to listen to Barbie explain how the harps work…


“Thank you, relieved every pain in my body today just listening to this. My doves love the harp music as well. Much needed Angel Therapy of my day. This music speaks the language of love and puts us back into resonance with the original creation. Greatest blessings. Love is the law of operation.” ~ Owner’s Comment

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