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Our New Rose Tunings!

Redwood Rose Tuning
& Maple Rose Tuning

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Here is the musical instrument that will bring music into your home without you knowing how to read music or how to play. Simply strum the harp and have fun. You can’t hit a bad note. Listen to this beautiful harp music on the video and see what you think!

If you have ever wanted to play music or be a harpist, here is your chance! Our harp may not be an Irish harp or a Celtic harp but the tunings will remind you of irish and celtic songs! Listen to this beautiful harp music and see what you think.You can play for weddings or for your meditation group. Give us a call and we will show you how. These beautiful lap harps create bridges of sound that calm, soothe, and focus the mind. They are great for meditation, relaxation, depression, ADD-ADHD, stroke victims, hospice, healers and shifting the atmosphere in any environment. Many healers and individuals alike find they are the perfect thing for relieving their own stress at the end of the day as well as that of their clients and families. If you lay the harp on a certain area of the body where you have pain many healers have reported that the pain quickly diminishes. They are a favorite of massage therapists and Healers!

Listen to Barbie’s interview on Blog Talk Radio (begins at 8:30 mark)


Watch the video below to listen to Barbie explain how the harps work…


Thank you, relieved every pain in my body today just listening to this. My doves love the harp music as well. Much needed Angel Therapy of my day. This music speaks the language of love and puts us back into resonance with the original creation. Greatest blessings. Love is the law of operation. ~ Owner’s Comment

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Before these beautiful harps go out, they receive the blessing of the angels. With each harp, comes one or two angels, to assist the person receiving the harp in their healing and the healing of those with whom they share the harp.

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